February 4, 2014

Mother know’s best

 Mother know’s best Mike learned that the hard way. He forgot his mother’s day gift when he came to visit me and I took him down to the basement for a little behavior correction. First I put him in pink furry cuff’sthen I pulled his jean’s down and attached electric shock clamp’s to his small cock. He started to whimper and I said “maybe next time you will not forget what is most important to you.” He nodded then stared at the ceiling as I gave him a couple nice long shock treatment’s. Do better next time mike or I will give you a jolt up your ass! Some little one’s never learn. Crissy 1*888*430*2010
July 30, 2008


i had a wonderful call the other day this guy just wanted to worship my ass, and oh my goodness could he. this dude took the best care of my ass that i am just amazed. we got to talking after the roleplay he said he had always had a thing for asses ever since he could remember, i told him he could come back and worship mine anytime he wanted to. MINNE
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