erotic couples

January 18, 2009

messy paint

Jason came home from work today with a bunch of body paints. He called when he was about two minutes from home and told me to be naked and ready for him. I stripped, and waited for him in the living room. I never know when he says that what he has in mind. So when he came through the door with a big bag full of body paint, I was surprised. I laid out a vinyl play sheet and we just spent some time rolling around in the paint, and covering our bodies. We were one mixed up little rainbow by the time we got done with it all.   Riley and Jason   1 888 938 7382 wet messy phonesex
November 23, 2008


  What is your favorite sex position? There are so many ways to have sex we were trying to think of our favorite. There is the standard missionary position that is good for looking into each other’s eyes while fucking. Then there is doggy style when you can just hold on to the hips and bang away. How about girl on top where she can ride you and you can play with her titties. Or another classic position 69 oral pleasure at its best. Well when you think of more give us a call and we will be happy to try them with you.     Jason and Riley        
November 8, 2008

Cock sucking lessons for sissies

  Do you need a lesson in cock sucking 101? Jason and I would be pleased to give it you. Hands on (or lips on) teaching are the best so get ready. I am prepared to give you very thorough instructions on how to suck cock like a natural. Some of your lessons will include seeing why you are a sissy. By that I mean watching Jason fill me up, while you piddle in your panties. Class is open for registration.   Riley   Forced bi phonesex  
October 22, 2008

Just Wondering

All of the fucking and sucking is bound to produce one thing a big wad of jizz. Now what we were wondering is where should it go? Is your partner the type that likes to swallow or do the spit it out or just let it fly on their face or chest? If you are doing some ass fucking do you just cum in their ass or pull it out and squirt it on their ass? And guys if you are lucky enough to have a lady that squirts when she comes do you let it fall on the bed or do you wait and take it on the face? You would never think there was so many questions of what you like to do when you come did you?    Jason and Riley
August 11, 2008


     One of the fun things that we like to do is watch the other having some hardcore sex with someone else. It’s so thrilling to see your partner getting serviced by another person as you look on and masturbate as you see them getting off. And the best part is knowing that when they get done or sometimes before you can jump right on in and really have some fun. So if this sounds like fun to you give us a call and help make your and our fantasy cum true.   Jason and Riley  
June 12, 2008

hardcore sex

     We’re ready. Ready to share every bit of our sex games with you. Ready to include you in our bedroom fun, and ready to share anything you like. You and Jason can take turns fucking my mouth or take me at once. Whatever you have in mind we’re ready for hardcore sex. Jason loves to share my candy pussy and I like sharing it too.   Riley and Jason 1-888-938-7382  
June 5, 2008

His first sissy

Jason and I hadn’t been together long when we met up and played with his first sissy. I had told him not all sissies were into cock so he may not want to service him. Lucky for Jason this little slut did. God, it seems like it was another lifetime ago when I let Jason pick out what I was going to dress his toy in. The sissy was so cock starved that he was salivating over Jason’s obvious excitement. I was in a big hurry to fill the toy’s mouth up too. We’ve played with a few sissies since then and it is always a panty soaking experience for me to watch. Riley 1-888-938-7382
May 20, 2008

How Much is Enough

Have you ever been in one of those moods where you want to push your limits? If you know me you know my limits are very high especially when it comes to my sex life.So anyway as Jason and I were in bed I asked him how many orgasms could he give me. Well as you could expect he used his fingers his cock his tongue and the orgasms just kept on cumming.I do have to tell you this the end result was one fantastic sexathon that lasted almost all night and most every room in the house. If you want more details and the final orgasm total you will just have to give us a call.           Riley  
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