October 29, 2008

Dreaming Of You

The heat from your body cascading over mine as you pull yourself over me. The way your skin moves over mine, creating that soft whisping noise. I can feel your manhood as it slips between my legs and you gently probe, getting the tip wet with my slick honey. That heat surrounding your throbbing head, making it ache with desire and the need to plunge deep into my hot, spasming pussy.  My fingers running up and down your back as your muscles strain in your shoulder as you thrust yourself forward, penetrating, opening me, getting me ready to be fucked hard and long….. Liz 1-888-430-2010
July 10, 2008

riding time

so you think you big and bad huh well then you have never crossed my path then have you. because as you can tell this guy thought he was too . i will take you down a path that you have never been will do things that you have never thought of doing. so get on your knees slave and beg me to stop beating you. so you don’t think you are a slave just keeping on talking and i will show you just what kind of a bitch you will become. you will get fucked and be fucked on command. you will do whatever i say bitch. minnie
May 19, 2008

Fuck Me Like You Hate Me

One of my favorite lines from a song is, “Fuck you like I’m never going to see you again*.  So what are you waiting for, I’m a cock and pussy hungry slut to use.  Take my cunt and ram it full of your hot white juice.  Or better yet, fuck my ass and give me a brown hole cream pie, the rougher the better, I don’t care.  As long as I get laid.  So fuck me like you hate me baby. Hot Phone Slut, Willow 1-888-430-20101
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