cunt sucking

September 26, 2020

Glide Your Hard Cock Into My Pussy Hole

Let’s massage each other’s naked bodies with baby oil.  Take your hand and glide it all over my firm tits and pinch my nipples with your fingers. It feels so very good that I don’t want you to stop. Massage my tits with your hands and now glide your hands all over my body and feel my tight and toned body then insert your fingers inside of my cunt.  I feel so good the way that you touch me there in my bald pussy without my underwear.  My pussy is so wet and it is getting wetter the more that you glide your fingers in and out of my cunt.  Don’t stop the finger fucking because it feels so good. Now lick on my clit with your tongue and circle your tongue around then put your mouth on it and do some intense cunt sucking. I will ride your face with my pussy until all of my cunt juices are all over your face.  You are my muscle bound  lover and we will engage in […]
June 28, 2008

a change in plans

     I had noticed my roomate has been prety down lately. She hadn’t been home much and all of a sudden she was again. Seems she and her boyfriend are having problems. So I rented some movies, got some ice cream and called some of our friends over to cheer her up. Her boyfriend came over to talk to her and they stayed in her room for an hour before we all gave up on them. Some party huh? Well everyone left except for one girl and we started playing around and flirting. Before I knew it we were back in my room for some girl on girl fun. She has the sweetest pussy so in the end it all worked out. Kisses, Emma    
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