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November 21, 2008


I was just a judge in a quite unique contest. You see I was the judge in a sissy cock-sucking contest. How it got started was that a few sissies started comparing themselves to each other as to how they looked and wanted to know what I thought. Well after thinking a few moments about it I said that they all looked cute dressed up and the best way for me to declare a winner was a cock sucking contest and the winner would be the one who got to swallow my load. Boy that sure was tough to decide but pleasurable. Well if you want to know who one and how they did it just give Me a call and I will go into detail about it.    Master Paul  
October 29, 2008

Dreaming Of You

The heat from your body cascading over mine as you pull yourself over me. The way your skin moves over mine, creating that soft whisping noise. I can feel your manhood as it slips between my legs and you gently probe, getting the tip wet with my slick honey. That heat surrounding your throbbing head, making it ache with desire and the need to plunge deep into my hot, spasming pussy.  My fingers running up and down your back as your muscles strain in your shoulder as you thrust yourself forward, penetrating, opening me, getting me ready to be fucked hard and long….. Liz 1-888-430-2010
August 10, 2008


I was just thinking of some wonderful and very painful forms of CBT. I was thinking about some good ones like clothespins on the nut sack, sounds, electric flyswatter parachutes, wax play and just some good old crushing. What I was wondering was what is your favorite I can torture you. Is it one of these or someway else you desire me to torture those tiny little cocks of yours.      Master Paul  
August 4, 2008


I am going to need your help especially if you are a pain slut.I know everyone has their own thing they like during play. What I want to know is what is your drive for the pain. I know for me I have seen men and women cum from just having their ass beaten. I have gotten an erection but never came from beating someone’s please let me know why and how this gets you off.   Master Paul  
July 27, 2008

Mind and Body

A short time ago a subbie slave of mine told me that he would give me his mind and body to use as I please. I am sure that he was giving me total control of his life and would obey my commands and desires. So there would be a test to prove to Me that he could fulfill his desire to hand over his life to Me. The test was for him was a long and grueling week and he passed and was added to the stable of slaves for Me to use a my disposal. So are you ready to hand your life over to your Master.    Master Paul 
June 27, 2008


So you think you know the national pastime? Nope its not baseball its now my balls in your face and wouldn’t you much rather see that? Can your faggot ass imagine a much more pleasant sight? So get down on your knees and open your cum drooling mouth and you can just smell my sweaty balls as you anticipate being able to suck my throbbing cock. Dream on little man you have not earned that right yet and don’t even think of jerking off. So sit back and enjoy our new pastime.         Master Paul  
June 13, 2008

What I want

What do I want out of a slave? Well lets start out like this I rule with a leather fist so to speak.I like doing cbt and watching  them howl.Also I like to crossdress  and humiliate them have them under my feet and putting the sissies in their pretty little dresses and be the Dominating real man they desire. So come and worship Me!   Master Paul
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