anal sex fetish

September 2, 2008


I am the type of person that really enjoys life whatever comes my way i try to make good from it.i enjoy dining out with friends or a just a friend.just wish all things were as simple as life is really.when you meet someone that your attracted to hopefully it will work out for you sometimes it doesn’t even if you get to remain friends there is always the touch you need from that person and no matter how much you try to push it away it lingers there in the back of your mind,you miss the little things like a smile or a laugh or the thrust of his cock going deep inside you and that moan coming from down deep in your throat.when that happens the sweat coming from the pores of the bodies as they make passionate love together and  that ever glowing feeling afterwards. Minnie
August 21, 2008

naughty son in law

well as you all know that read last week post that my daughter had to call me because of her husband david was just no doing what needed to be done to take care of his home and when i arrived he looked like a slob. i had sent him to my car to retrieve a bag i keep in there just for him.well after he had brought into the house to me i went thru the bag gone a few things out. meanwhile i had made him strip all of his clothing off. had him to come over to where i was waiting for him with my belt in hand. he knew what was cumming he always knows what is going to happen when he gets like this. so over he cums to me i make him bend over and i started spanking that ass of his very hard. he wants to get up and away from me but that is not going to work i keep on spanking even harder until he […]
July 30, 2008


Does this one need a good punishment of some kind. well you have found the right one my sweet. i can hand out some of the best that you will ever get. need to be tied up,strapped, beat, or maybe even have a strap-on used on you,i love all kinds of role-plays i can be sweet and i can be not so nice so call me and find out what kind of mood i am in today. Rachel
July 24, 2008

Dirty little boy

oh my goodness you are one dirty little minded boy are you not but guess what that just means that you and i can really have some fun.but i just didn’t realize just how far that imagination of your’s could go. woo-wee how about we go upstairs to my bedroom so we can get started or we could start here doesn’t matter to me anywhere is fine.just as long as you take that tongue of your’s and lick this hot pussy of mine while i suck deep and hard on that cock of yours . MINNIE 1-888-430-2010
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