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October 4, 2008

small and helpless

  He was so small and helpless. I didn’t even notice him as he crawled under a piece of lettuce to hide. He spent the next thirty minutes or so dodging my fork as he hid in my salad. He thought if he crawled out from the plate he would be squashed by my glass of water, or my elbow. So he took his chances dodging the fork. P, you were fun to chase around the salad bowl, I hope you had fun too.   Kisses, Emma
September 19, 2008

Fire and Ice

       Oh what fun it is top play with heat and cold on a subbies that has no idea what is coming next. Some of the hot stuff like muscle rub on the balls and ginger root up the pee hole will get the fire started. And when it is time to get cooled off a cube of ice on some red butt cheeks or on the nipples will cool them off in a hurry. A blindfold is always handy at these times so the don’t know what is coming next. So next time you play try a little bit of fire and ice for a wonderful new sensation.       Master Paul  
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