March 14, 2012

AB/DL Sissy Academy

Look at you, you horny miniature slut.  Are you ready for your AB/DL Sissy Academy Training? You’re dressed like a slut cock whore with a great deal of makeup on, you cum-craving little Slut. Mmmmmm., What a sexy little bitch you have become with all this training I have given you. Really, you look so good in my panties and bra along with the blonde, curly long-haired wig and special-sized red strappy heels we found together. I just love seeing that cock, or I should say your mangina, swollen and ready for action *laugh* little do you know that I am ready with my big strap on to give you what you need.  Are you ready little fucken slut. Stretch those silky panties to the side. Ooooh, are you ready the AB/DL Sissy Academy starts now! Naughty whore call me. Cali 1*888*430*2010
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