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January 3, 2009

GTS fantasies

  Hi little man, have you found the right girl to roleplay all of your GTS fantasies? The one who makes you shiver with excitement as she walks you through watching her grow, and grow? Give me a try then, I am 5’8” normally, and about 152 lb.’s. I like to grow to enormous heights though for my giantess infatuated callers. Sometimes I just shrink them, but often I grow.  Our fetish is a unique one, not everyone can appreciate it. Let’s have some fun though.   Kisses, Emma
December 20, 2008

Finding sexy images everywhere

        Look around you and if you start noticing sexual things around you, you might realize you are a very sexual person. I do this. I find myself seeing nude bodies in the clouds, or curves of men and women anyway. There are naughty things to be discovered everywhere, in the way water erodes rock formations, it’s just wild. Maybe I am the only nutty nympho who sees them hehehe.   Kisses, Emma  
December 13, 2008

secret powers

About three years ago Chelsea discovered she had a power. If she scratched someone they would shrink, it was if her fingernails were poisonous. The only problem was she didn’t know how to reverse it. After a long night at work she returned home to find it was on fire. A small fire had spread to the hall, blocking her roommate from getting out. Part of the roof had fallen and was blocking the door, she was able to get an arm out, but neither of them was able to move the fallen ceiling. In a split decision to save her friend’s life she scratched her, and as she shrunk kept a hold of her to pull her free. When the shrinking stopped she ended up four inches tall. Sound like fun?   Kisses, Emma   fetish phonesex  
November 22, 2008

what do you think?

When you hear the word Giantess, what do you think? Do you think about a woman completely destroying a town? Do you think about being shrunk down by a sexy woman who will have you fearful but full of desire simultaneously? Or do you just think of a taller, Amazon woman? A long time ago I probably just thought “Giantess? What a female Giant?” Now though I think many things, I think of all of my kinks involved with it. What do you think though?   Kisses, Emma  
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