February 28, 2008

Your New God

Why are you sitting there reading this when you could be on the phone with Me? What is keeping you? No excuses. This God does not like those who are tardy in paying their daily adoration to Me. I expect nothing less then total servitude from you. Many cannot handle My right to be worshiped and paid attention to all the time. Every time you breath, speak, sleep, touch, smell, see, feel, when you do anything I am to be your only thought. As I said, I am a God and will be treated as such. Your God commands you to call. NOW! Your Divine Being, Ms. Angel 1-888-430-2010
February 20, 2008

Meet Mistress Angel

Allow Me to introduce Myself. My name is Angel, and yes I am a Mistress. I have been a Mistress in real time for a few years now and NO I am not looking for a real time slave, I have plenty who worship Me and Am currently not looking for anyone to add to My stable of submissives and slaves. If you ask you will be denied, so do not request this of Me. I felt it was time for Me to branch out and I have found Myself here. When you call Me do not expect Me to yell and scream. There is more to Domination then raising One’s voice to a pitch that splits steel beams. Being Dominant over someone is in One’s attitude, the inflection in One’s voice, realizing that a Dominant Woman is One who should be treated like a true God and adored. Yelling only works for the Insane and Mother’s correcting their children, I am neither of these. If you wish to further read about Me, please visit […]
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