October 28, 2013


I am into plushophilia I have a friend that get’s dressed in his teddy suit for me. My teddy bear is a sexy,furry piece of ass and he know’s just how to satisfy all my deep,sexy desire’s. When I walk into his living room there is a large bed covered in various stuffed animal’s and in the middle big as life is my Teddy and all the fur just get’s me hot! I sit down in front of Teddy and notice his hard cock bulging through all that scrumptious fur. He slowly rises from his sitting position and furry mits on both my knee’s and I swat his big teddy bear mouth calling him a bad bear as he pushes my knee’s apart and slide’s my skirt up. Mmm, I watch as he touch’s my teddy bear face tattoo that is right above my pantie line, sending shiver’s all the way to my clit! I can not wait any longer I will burst, he snatche’s my pantie’s down and turn’s me over. With my ass […]
August 3, 2012

Sexynurse plays with stethoscope

I am sexynurse Crissy and my exam room is always open. I love to wear the skimpiest little daringly low-cut red latex nursing dress and these lacey black thong panties. I get so turned on with your eye’s on me like that looks like you wanna bend me over this desk and put your hands in my panties feeling the sweet juices that are makeing thoes lacey panties so soaking wet at the thought of your body pressed against mine and vigorously pounding my hot snatch from behind. You then walk over to me and do just that bend me over so my sexy tight ass is in the air then you reach around the front of me with both hands you tear open my dress causing my breast’s to bounce free. You pull and pinch my nipples wetting your fingers for the added effect of sensation on me,you reach for my lacey thong,pull it aside and you pulverise me with your hard dick. I start to moan and match each of your thrusts making […]
July 17, 2012

Domme Victoria

I am you Domme Victoria i will have you screaming from either pleasure or pain your choice sometimes,I will let you have little peeks of my snatch if your a good one and if you do exactly as your instructed think you will be able to handle what i can and will dish out to you. As Domme i demand the upmost respect from you as you know or will learn Victoria does not tolerate disrepect from anyone especially a slave.But seriously now i don’t think you can handle the things that will be required of you.So just run along now be on your way but before i let you go you can have one small peek at my snatch. Victoria 1.888.430.2010
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