giantess grow

November 22, 2008

what do you think?

When you hear the word Giantess, what do you think? Do you think about a woman completely destroying a town? Do you think about being shrunk down by a sexy woman who will have you fearful but full of desire simultaneously? Or do you just think of a taller, Amazon woman? A long time ago I probably just thought “Giantess? What a female Giant?” Now though I think many things, I think of all of my kinks involved with it. What do you think though?   Kisses, Emma  
September 6, 2008

naughty teasing

 One of my favorite parts of summer is the cute guy that takes care of our grass. He is just home in the summer while he is on break. He actually left to back not long ago. It was nice teasing him the past few months though. Now my roommate and I are looking for someone to take over until the weather takes care of that for us. I like to go and watch from the porch and play with ice. Not quite as naughty as this picture, but as close as possible. Well for the right guy it might get that naughty.   Kisses, Emma
June 14, 2008

Hanging Around

      I really like playing with my tits. Rubbing oil on them while you watch, using nipple clamps and many things. So I was thinking the last time I teased my tits with clamps what a perfect handle that would be for a shrunken man. I could attach them to my hard nipples and let him hang from the connecting chain. Think of how loud the sound of my breasts swaying would be with you being that tiny. Want to hang out?   Kisses, Emma
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