September 2, 2012

Swing with luscious Crissy

Come on and swing with luscious Crissy,give me your undivided attention I love to take a couple and start to undress the wife and caress her breasts and pussy over her clothing, while the husband watches me and then just as the wife is standing before us naked & so very turned on I motion to my sexy male friend I brought with me to come and join us. He walks over and takes the wife and pulls her horny body down onto his on the big spacious bed and he starts to play with her tits and undress himself as they are busy with their all consuming foreplay I walk over to the utterly aroused husband and I wrap my legs around him and unzip his pants to let his big hard cock spring forth I pull his shirt off and peel my top off as well as my skirt and I get off his lap and lean back on the bed. He looks at me he notices my loveliness displayed for him. I […]
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