October 21, 2012


I have had you in chastity for some time now. I know how that little dicklette aches for your Mistress. And since you have been such a good boy I am going to reward you. Get on your knees bitch and worship your My pussy properly. When I am done with you, my pet, you will be a Queening addict. Total submission. I would let you fuck me but that cock is so very small, I doubt I could even feel it. No, you weren’t meant for that, obviously. What you were meant for is to serve. To be my amusement, my entertainment. And to do whatever I say, whenever I say. And you are happy to do it, aren’t you? Because you know that is the only way that you will be anything for any woman. All the rest of them laugh at you and scorn you. But I know how to appreciate a true submissive. Willing and waiting, to serve completely Does this sound like what YOU have been craving? Dreaming of all […]
November 21, 2008


I was just a judge in a quite unique contest. You see I was the judge in a sissy cock-sucking contest. How it got started was that a few sissies started comparing themselves to each other as to how they looked and wanted to know what I thought. Well after thinking a few moments about it I said that they all looked cute dressed up and the best way for me to declare a winner was a cock sucking contest and the winner would be the one who got to swallow my load. Boy that sure was tough to decide but pleasurable. Well if you want to know who one and how they did it just give Me a call and I will go into detail about it.    Master Paul  
September 5, 2008

Sharing a sissy

     Well  Mistress Veronika and I finally had our little sissy to call us. The naughty girl bypassed coming to chat and she did make it up by calling though. I heard Veronika telling me to hang on while she connected the three of us and then I heard this soft sissy voice. The Mistress made sissy introduce herself and I did the same. Then it was time to give her what she came for. Sissy got down on her knees and Mistress guided her for her first time like that. It was wonderful to get to work with Mistress Veronika again, and to meet a new playmate.   Master Paul
July 6, 2008

A little bondage

      Jason came walking out of the spare room with a big smile on his face last night. I could tell he was up to something. I just didn’t know exactly what. He took out some rope and made a soft little wrist cuff from it, slipped it over my wrist and walked me to our bedroom. I expected to be tied to the bed but Jason slipped the other end of the rope up to over our door. He smiled as he pulled out another and did the same. He was fill of surprises because I was completely unable to guess his next move, as he continued to tease me to the point of cumming and then backing off.   Jason and Riley
June 13, 2008

What I want

What do I want out of a slave? Well lets start out like this I rule with a leather fist so to speak.I like doing cbt and watching  them howl.Also I like to crossdress  and humiliate them have them under my feet and putting the sissies in their pretty little dresses and be the Dominating real man they desire. So come and worship Me!   Master Paul
May 18, 2008

Slave Boy

One of the funniest things I like to do is get the sissy boys that I have to crossdress. To see a little boy all dressed up in drag and being humiliated means I am going to have all sorts of good laughs. Seeing them in panties and hose with a hint of leather and lace makes sure they know their submissive role in our relationship. A superior Dominant like myself will know the difference between a gay man seeking just a little bondage and a gay man wanting some other kind of kinky fetish.        Master Paul  
February 29, 2008

Taking Your Calls

Just because I am older does not mean that I’m not sexual, or erotic. I am here to dispel all those stupid rumors about women such as I who are in their 50’s-60’s. Some men think because we have some mileage on us, that we lose interest in sex, or that we aren’t any good. Let me tell you something, we LOVE sex, and we LOVE showing off our skills in the bedroom. With age comes some hot fuck time between the sheets! I myself love being a GILF, oh yes I do, make no mistake about it. I not only do sex calls, but I love to take a young man (or young lady) and show them how enjoyable spending time with this intoxicating granny can be *wink*. Granny D
February 28, 2008

Your New God

Why are you sitting there reading this when you could be on the phone with Me? What is keeping you? No excuses. This God does not like those who are tardy in paying their daily adoration to Me. I expect nothing less then total servitude from you. Many cannot handle My right to be worshiped and paid attention to all the time. Every time you breath, speak, sleep, touch, smell, see, feel, when you do anything I am to be your only thought. As I said, I am a God and will be treated as such. Your God commands you to call. NOW! Your Divine Being, Ms. Angel 1-888-430-2010
February 20, 2008

Master Paul

Hello and welcome to my playhouse. My name is Master Paul and I will not accept being called anything less. I am a firm but fair Master and expect your total submission to ME. I  really enjoy whipping your ass or torturing your pathetic little cock .Do you like being totally dominated or being forced into feminization? Then Iam the Master you are looking for. So call me and let me make your fantasies come true. Master Paul 1-888-430-2010
February 20, 2008

Meet Mistress Angel

Allow Me to introduce Myself. My name is Angel, and yes I am a Mistress. I have been a Mistress in real time for a few years now and NO I am not looking for a real time slave, I have plenty who worship Me and Am currently not looking for anyone to add to My stable of submissives and slaves. If you ask you will be denied, so do not request this of Me. I felt it was time for Me to branch out and I have found Myself here. When you call Me do not expect Me to yell and scream. There is more to Domination then raising One’s voice to a pitch that splits steel beams. Being Dominant over someone is in One’s attitude, the inflection in One’s voice, realizing that a Dominant Woman is One who should be treated like a true God and adored. Yelling only works for the Insane and Mother’s correcting their children, I am neither of these. If you wish to further read about Me, please visit […]
September 3, 1213

Domme Of Dreams

I am and can be the nightmare of your dreams I will make you do all kinds of humiliating things in public.I am the Domme in your sorry so called life.But you will worship me from the floor in which that is about all you deserve you will not look me in the eyes unless given permission to do so.Only speak when i give permission and that will be very rare times that will happen.You were put here to serve me at my whim and that is what you will do that is because i am your Domme and i deserve everything you have and make have in the future.Now its time to start your training to be the submissive that you were born to be. Victoria 1.888.430.2010
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