sissy baby

June 9, 2015

Mommy Loves Her Sissy

  Mommy Candy loves playing with little sissy baby in her little panties. Dressing sissy up in pretty babydoll dresses with matching rumba panties. Taking my abdl sissy shopping for tights and diapers, along with everything mommy needs to take care of sissy. I mean after all my sissy baby needs to look like the perfect little princess when I take you to the mall. Call your abdl Mommy Candy and lets get started!! 1 888 430*2010
September 29, 2008


Have you ever longed to be back in diapers again? To be completely helpless with a loving mommy or daddy who takes care of your every need? Sounds like pure bliss to me. And although I do prefer to be an adult baby girl most of the time, there is one time I like to play mommy too. And that time is when I can regress you and make you MY adult baby. In a perfect session, it would happen slowly. First I would find a good reason to diaper you. And don’t worry, I have a very good imagination. I can come up with all kinds of scenarios. After I have accomplished diapering you, things get much more simple. You will fall into your role as my baby easily. Once you are there, you will never want to leave. I am a stern but loving mommy. I will never let my baby be neglected, he will have everything he needs. Love, attention, and proper discipline. Love and spanks, Lacy
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