couples fantasy

September 15, 2008

Window Shopping

     Don’t you just wish sometimes you had a wild couple in the house next door that you could peek in on? The ones that moan a little too loud and leave their curtains open a little too wide. It’s just the perfect cure for your evening boredom, watching that kinky couple next door. You feel bad about it. The next day when you see the woman checking her mail and she smiles at you, you cringe inside. You know you have memorized every curve of her body. Then you stop to think, why do they leave their curtains open, and even the window sometimes?   Riley and Jason  
June 5, 2008

His first sissy

Jason and I hadn’t been together long when we met up and played with his first sissy. I had told him not all sissies were into cock so he may not want to service him. Lucky for Jason this little slut did. God, it seems like it was another lifetime ago when I let Jason pick out what I was going to dress his toy in. The sissy was so cock starved that he was salivating over Jason’s obvious excitement. I was in a big hurry to fill the toy’s mouth up too. We’ve played with a few sissies since then and it is always a panty soaking experience for me to watch. Riley 1-888-938-7382
May 20, 2008

How Much is Enough

Have you ever been in one of those moods where you want to push your limits? If you know me you know my limits are very high especially when it comes to my sex life.So anyway as Jason and I were in bed I asked him how many orgasms could he give me. Well as you could expect he used his fingers his cock his tongue and the orgasms just kept on cumming.I do have to tell you this the end result was one fantastic sexathon that lasted almost all night and most every room in the house. If you want more details and the final orgasm total you will just have to give us a call.           Riley  
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