forced play

October 1, 2008


Yes i can get down and dirty with the best of them.Love to be fucked up the ass and in this hot wet cunt of mine.Got a friend bring him along we can all three have some fun.Will love taking those hard cocks in my mouth and hot pussy and draining them dry until you are both too tired to go anymore think you can handle that,you might never know until you give this slut a try. MINNIE
June 6, 2008

Its Your Ass

 On my latest session I was requested to see how my toy I could use in one hour. Well that sounded like a challenge to me so off I got started on his well padded ass. Starting with my bare hand to get him warmed up next came the six wooden paddles of various sizes then came the eight different crops I own that leading to the three leather straps and next came floggers four were used then it got to cream or the crop the single tail whip to finish him off. I got a good feeling he got one very red sore ass. So next time you ask so much you never can really tell how much you are going to get.            Master Paul
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