May 13, 2014

Lick it

 Nice and slow lick this hot pussy I am your bad kitty punish me with a spanking! yeah just like that right here on my sexy ass cheek’s I live to be a bad girl meow! This kitty need’s something heard to claw get your pant’s off so I can see what you got for me, So you think this is gonna be easy to train me to do what I am told? Nope I need a lot of discipline maybe we should get a collar for me cause I have to know my limit’s. You will show me my boundary’s right if I am playful with you? hehehe Crissy 1*888*430*2010
August 21, 2012

Sensual Scents

You love the smell of most anything especially women they are and have the most erotic scents about them.You love it when she strips off her clothing one piece at a time teasing you She bends over and takes her cool sweet time turning the water on in the massive tub then she takes a bottle of Jasmine oil that you bought her while you were vacationing over seas.You love the sensual scent of this woman most of all you inhale her scent as she walks by you.Smiling as she kinda twist her butt cheeks and looking all shyly at you then as she walks back toward you.Those arms of yours snake out and grab her holding her tightly against your chest leaning down and staking claim to those lips you love of hers. She twist out of your embrace laughing back into the bathroom and stepping down into the tub of Jasmine oil letting out a long sigh as the hot water envelopes her body then she turns your way watching you as you […]
March 28, 2012

Golden showers

I once knew a man who had a very exciting ritual he liked to take golden showers with his favorite lady friends. He was really into the feel of a yellow river and the sensation of floating in a bathtub filled with lady parts. The more the merrier he always said. So I invited 3 other girlfriend’s to have a water sport’s party at his condo. We all got into our bikini’s and climbed into his 5 person hot tub and he laid down on the bottom and got ready for the gold rush. We each took a full bottle of water in with us and slammed it down our throats. Smiling we started singing Row row your boat and where ever we would stop that girl would let her juice loose and then we all started to do it all at once. This guy was getting so turned on so each of us took turns kissing and strokeing him before going back to our slippery business. You wanna get wet and wild with me […]
July 7, 2008

late afternoon

late one afternoon i got this phone call sitting here talking to this guy on the phone. just chatting away then i realized i had no ideal who he was but the sound of his voice i didn’t care just wanted to hear it. he had this deep sexy voice that just made me want to cream on myself, the more he talked the hotter i got, we talked about just nothing really finally after about a hour on the phone i ask for his name he said your not so and so i laughed and said no he said oh i am so sorry, i laughed again said well i’m not,before he hung i told him to please call again,never did he his name but i do hope he gets the same wrong number again.* hehee* doris
March 10, 2008


I have been accused of being a lot of things in my life time. The one thing I really don’t mind is when someone calls me a GILF. Makes me purrrrrr like a Momma Cat. This lucious pussy cat is calling all you sex starved Kittens to her. Come one kitty kitty, come give your Momma a nice tongue bath. Dirty Granny Doris 1-888-430-2010
February 21, 2008

Phone Sex with Granny

Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from Glittercool.blogspot I am a dark haired older woman looking for some nasty phone sex. I don’t care what you are into. I do specialize in the ABDL lifestyle, but this hot pussy has been satisfying men on the phone for years, and I have to say, sometimes the best thing for a mature woman such as I is good old fashioned ass fucking. Sexy Doris
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