March 17, 2014

Hot tub pussy

I thought I was all alone just a few minute’s in the public hotel hot tub with my back to the wall and movie aside my bikini bottom just a bit positioned my excited pussy right in front of the tub jet.   In all my moaning as the woosh of warm,bubbly water blast’s my throbbing clit I never heard the door open and it was so dark I only felt the water move when he got behind me. He slipped my top off my tit’s bounced right out and then he put his hand over my mouth to keep me from screaming. He spread my leg’s real wide and yanked my bikini bottom’s down hard pushing up against me I felt his hard cock pound my hot box and at the same time the bubbly water surged against my clit, ahhhh I came as he did. Finally he turned me toward him and I drank in the muscular arm’s and he said” Not done with you yet.” He boosted me up to the side […]
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