February 10, 2013

Home Invasion Fantasy phone sex

This is one of those fantasies that can go any which way. Whether it be you and I kicking in some poor innocent victims door and having our way with her or forcing her to watch while we make other family members play. But for this post I want to focus on just us. No one else… I am alone in the house. Happily going about my business, thinking I am quite alone and content. But little do I know that you have been casing my house. Planning just the right moment. As I get my bubble bath ready, pouring a glass of wine, slipping out of my robe to enter the warm water, I hear a sound. The sound of breaking glass. I think to myself “oh great, that darn cat knocking things over again”. But as I enter the kitchen to see what mess that blasted animal has made this time, I see nothing knocked over. I scan the room slowly to figure out what it was that fell and broke when I […]
September 12, 2008

Take It

      If you are going to try to please me sexually you had better be able to take all that I am going to give your sorry ass. If I let you suck my sweet cock you had better swallow it all the way down your throat and when I shoot my precious wad don’t you even dare spill a drop of it. And if you’re lucky enough for Me to fuck you up that asshole you better be prepared to have it severely pounded. I don’t need any of your lame sissy ass excuses of why you couldn’t take it. If you plan on trying to get My sperm out of me you are going to have to take everything I so graciously allow you to have.   Master Paul       
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