Sexy bedtime stories

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November 18, 2012
December 3, 2012
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Sexy bedtime stories

Getting cold outside settle in by the fire,listen to one of my sexy bedtime stories.

Having hot chocolate now  I am waiting on my big comfy couch in a sheer black nightie

with matching panties. There is a knock at the door Grabbing my robe I go to answer it I know you are on the other side.  You walk in and start to pull my robe off my shoulders then you blindfold me & before I can even speak you lay me out on the floor your hands traveling up my inner thighs.

I start to revel in your lusty touch,up your fingers go until you pull down my panties. My

naked pussy purrs around the fingers you slip inside it then as you lean your hungry lips to kiss & trace a C around my moist clit this feels sooo good it starts

making my legs shake and bounce. As I am losing my self in the thrill of the moment I do not hear the door swing open again. You continue pawing my juicy pussy with your lips & tongue.

Feeling you pause in your seduction of me you untie my nightie it falls around my sides,

I start to feel a new set of hands this time on my big breasts kneading then grasping my nipples. I feel lips suckling my breast a jolt of pleasure runs through me making me quake with desire. You climb on top of me, your hard cock throbs inside me I moan loudly the titty loving stranger quiets my moans by inserting his cock into my soft lips while he goes in and out of my mouth I taste his large cock on my tongue. As my moans get louder you thrust into me faster and faster till I feel you explode inside me. The stranger pulls out of my lips then blows his juices all over my hard nipples. Ohhh, what a naughty night I had can not wait to be your plaything again, both of you.

Slick & Creamy Kisses~!




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