Dirty dean and a sexy college girl

Secret depravity
September 16, 2013
On his knees
October 1, 2013
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Dirty dean and a sexy college girl

Two cute dark haired college girl’s are gossiping back and forth to each other.

“Crissy is a sexy college girl her skirt is short and her top is low cut.

Guy’s look at her and think she must be a slut.” one of them say’s.

The other one say’s

“She get’s called into the dean’s office a whole bunch I wonder if she like’s

going up there.”  I was walking by the door once and this is what I saw. The dean had

Crissy over desk and her legs were spread wide I could see her red panties and he was spanking her hard.

“No,Mr. dean I am not a dirty girl I keep my pantie’s real clean for you!” Crissy said softly.

“I do not believe you Ms.Madison and you know what happens if you are naughty and lie to me right?” said the dean.  He snatched her panties down to her ankle’s and pulled her leg’s farther open and he spanked her pussy!!

” I do not think your pantie’s are clean enough maybe I should get you clean then you can

put these back on I might just keep you in the office for my pantie less detention time!’

Then he started licking her pussy and making these moaning sound’s.

“Omg, woah really he is a dirty dean!”



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