the Dirty mind of daddy

abdl dommy mommy gives it to u good!
April 29, 2013
Black Heart
May 17, 2013
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the Dirty mind of daddy

The Dirty mind of daddy, It is late I am sleeping in my pastel pink bedroom.
He never makes a sound as he opens my door and pulls the covers back, I always pretend to
be sound asleep but I am not I get so excited when he gets there I think I wet my panties while he is opening the door. Daddy turns me over gently then he slowly unbuttons my nightie when he has my nightie off he always whispers” How beautiful my breast’s are then he leans down and starts to lick my tit’s every inch of them.

As he makes his way down past my belly he pulls my soaking panties with his teeth then he puts his whole face on my pussy first kissing it and licking my swollen clit,then I can really tell he is excited like I am too cause he shoves his tongue deep inside of my soft pussy. In and out slow at first then faster. Daddy leans up so he can whisper in my ear It is time for you and daddy to do some mommy daddy stuff ok princess, You want me too right?

I nod and smile Yes, I say.Daddy puts both his hands on my young,creamy thighs and pulls them open wide and thrusts his big cock into me harder and harder he pounds my pussy then I feel that light feeling and I moan hard and get really wet again but with no panties.

Daddy pulls his cock out and drops his juices into a towel then he kisses my wet pussy again before sneaking out of my room.



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