Campfire Nookie

to squash or not to squash
August 30, 2008
September 1, 2008

      Some friends of ours invited us to go camping with them and we were more than eager to go because we had been looking for a quick weekend getaway. So we packed up our gear and followed them and two other couples to the state park and found a far and out of site campsite. We pitched our tent and that wasn’t the only type of tent I planed on pitching if you know what I mean. There is nothing as good as a meal cooked on the open flames of a fire. Then came the booze tequila shots and I knew I was in for a great night. I loved the treat we got when the ladies began there teasing around with the other guys there were lap dances and flirting and stripteases and boobs flashing. We all eventually began making out around the fire and some wild sex ensued. It was a free for all of naked flesh moans and groans. We would love to tell you more so give us a call to find out all the kinky details. Till then see you later.

    Jason and Riley


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