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October 11, 2012
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October 29, 2012
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I have had you in chastity for some time now. I know how that little dicklette aches for your Mistress. And since you have been such a good boy I am going to reward you. Get on your knees bitch and worship your My pussy properly. When I am done with you, my pet, you will be a Queening addict. Total submission.

I would let you fuck me but that cock is so very small, I doubt I could even feel it. No, you weren’t meant for that, obviously. What you were meant for is to serve. To be my amusement, my entertainment. And to do whatever I say, whenever I say.

And you are happy to do it, aren’t you? Because you know that is the only way that you will be anything for any woman. All the rest of them laugh at you and scorn you. But I know how to appreciate a true submissive. Willing and waiting, to serve completely

Does this sound like what YOU have been craving? Dreaming of all this time? Step into Josie’s realm and come taste the forbidden. I will lead you down the path to utter destruction and you will follow. Then, my pet, I will build you back up. But not as you were before, no, that life is no longer yours.

I will teach you the true meaning of submission. I will make you crave my body, my voice and my mind. Terrible in it’s beauty. I will take you for mine and mine only. And you will know THIS is where you belong.

Domina Josie



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