Diaper girl’s adventure
October 14, 2013
No Excuses
November 10, 2013
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I am into plushophilia I have a friend that get’s dressed in his teddy suit for me.
My teddy bear is a sexy,furry piece of ass and he know’s just how to
satisfy all my deep,sexy desire’s.

When I walk into his living room there is a large bed covered in various stuffed animal’s
and in the middle big as life is my Teddy and all the fur just get’s me hot! I sit down in front of Teddy
and notice his hard cock bulging through all that scrumptious fur. He slowly rises from his sitting position and furry mits on both my knee’s and I swat his big teddy bear mouth calling him a bad bear as he pushes my knee’s apart and slide’s my skirt up.

Mmm, I watch as he touch’s my teddy bear face tattoo that is right above my pantie line, sending shiver’s all the way to my clit! I can not wait any longer I will burst, he snatche’s my pantie’s down and turn’s me over. With my ass in the air he growl’s at me and I pull my top off letting my tit’s free
and he carress’s my pussy with his teddy bear hand’s getting me so wet instantly.

He spread’s my leg’s and plunge’s his hard cock into my soft pussy slit, Yes. “Oh YES Teddy, punish my pussy I have been a bad little furry loving slut!” I scream and orgasm at the last word!


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