naughty son in law

August 18, 2008
BBW Lover
August 23, 2008

well as you all know that read last week post that my daughter had to call me because of her husband david was just no doing what needed to be done to take care of his home and when i arrived he looked like a slob. i had sent him to my car to retrieve a bag i keep in there just for him.well after he had brought into the house to me i went thru the bag gone a few things out. meanwhile i had made him strip all of his clothing off. had him to come over to where i was waiting for him with my belt in hand. he knew what was cumming he always knows what is going to happen when he gets like this. so over he cums to me i make him bend over and i started spanking that ass of his very hard. he wants to get up and away from me but that is not going to work i keep on spanking even harder until he starts begging me to stop with tears flowing down his face. i do stop the spanking then and let him up to take a long look at the red ass of his. then i tell him when he gets thru looking to come back to me i have something else in mind for him. i know he is going to dread seeing what that will be.


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