AB/DL humiliation

February 26, 2012
March 4, 2012
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AB/DL humiliation


abdl humiliation

Hey there, are you ready for some ABDL humiliation little brother? I want you  to be my sissy. You ready to explore maximum ecstasy? I know I know you are ready I can tell *wink*

Well, the possibilities are endless so don’t be shy to explore all of you inner naughty thoughts. I want to capture you when you’re outside wearing your nice little  pink dress. Some  people might point at you and laugh but you’re always going to be my little sissy sister.

Yeah, I’m a put you in a li’l light pink ruffled dress. You’re gonna look so sweet in it and it’s only obvious that your gonna be wearing your li’l pink diaper for me.

Then, the fun starts. I’ll take you out to see all my friends, and your li’l face is gonna turn so red from the humiliation of the whole thing. Its gonna be great!

All you gotta do is pick up the phone and sissy Cali for embarrassing ABDL humiliation. I got that pink dress waiting for you. LOL 😉

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