Mommy Michelle’s oh-so-perfect ass

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July 6, 2015
Sabrina’s Dirty Diary
July 12, 2015

Phonesex, phone sex, ass worship, mistress, domination, bdsm

I know, I KNOW!  My heart shaped tush is too glorious for words. And I know how you just can’t help yourself.

Standing there, hard dick quivering. One miniscule drop of precum, hanging. You want to reach out, I Know you do.

One SMACK from My ruler has taught you different. Has taught you to approach me properly.

Begging is good, groveling MIGHT do it. Asking definitely can get you places.

Do you even know WHAT to do once you have arrived?  Do you have ANY idea how to properly worship My divine bum?

Step into my boudoir and let’s find out…

Mommy Michelle


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