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cock and ball torture, phone sex
Much-Needed Cock and Ball Torture
January 26, 2020
Golden Showers
I Will Piss In Your Mouth And All Over Your Face
April 7, 2020

Dear Dirty Diary…
Today I decided that I wanted to treat myself to a day of shopping and getting a bite to eat. The weather was beautiful, and I did not have much of anything that I had to do. Normally, I might call a friend or two to join me, depending on how I was feeling. Today, that did not sound like a very good idea to me, and I made the decision to have a date day with me, myself, and I! I took the time to wake up when I wanted to, not to an alarm, and picked out one of my most favorite outfits to wear. Once I had put on my makeup and was all dressed and ready to go, I grabbed my purse and headed out to my car. The drive was nice, and when I turned into the mall parking lot, it was crowded with cars and people heading inside. I walked into the mall and looked around its crowded halls, deciding to go into a few different stores. I was hungry after all the shopping I had done, and figured that it was a good time to get something to eat. I went to one of the mall’s sit-down restaurants, and ordered my food when all of the sudden, a very strong, very familiar smell hit me. I turned around in my seat to immediately notice the middle aged man sitting near me. The bulge behind him was a telltale sign of an adult baby! That dirty diaper was stinking up the place, and the baby on top of it caught my eye, blushing deep red. I asked for a to-go box and took that little stinker home with me. My duties as an ABDL Mommy always come first!
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