I Will Piss In Your Mouth And All Over Your Face

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March 1, 2020
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Sensual Dominatrix Controls Women and Men
April 16, 2020

Dommy Mommy

I will piss in your mouth and all over your face. There is no better hot drink in the morning to get your day started than some hot piss from my wet cunt that collected all night in my full bladder.  You are my sex slave and my abdl baby and I am your Dommy Mommy so you will use all of your orifices to my pleasure, so open your mouth wide so I can spread my legs and squat over your face while I enjoy this piss play.  I will use your oral hole at my disposal as it is my toilet. Drink up all my vaginal lemonade, savor the richness of my golden showers, sniff on its smell as my pussy pours all this hot steamy drink all over your fucking face.  Stick your thick and rubbery tongue out so it can glide all over my bald, tight and ready femdom cunt and lap me up licking my slippery MILF pussy lips while you tickle my clit with your mouth.  Suck on my clit, then lick like a fleshy lollipop until it is becomes hard and pokes itself out of my pussy lips. Position your tongue in my cunt hole and slurp up my cuntal juices like if it were your last meal. Drive your tongue in deeper in my twat hole and stimulate my asshole with your finger.  As you stimulate my ass with your erect and stubby finger, we will await scat play. Then I will tense my stomach and forcibly shit all my stomach’s contents on your finger then you will take it out, smell it then rub it all over your lips.  Now lick your lips and taste my shit.



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