Put That Pathetic Dick in Chastity!

Forced Bi By Your Mistress!
August 15, 2020
Glide Your Hard Cock Into My Pussy Hole
September 26, 2020

Well, well, well,… What do we have here? Is that your teeny weeny pathetic little prick I see poking out from between your legs? You should know better than to have that unlocked cock out where I can see it. Have you learned nothing from all of my lessons and punishments? Well, too bad, because it looks like it is time for a refresher course. For starters, a vicious round of small penis humiliation always gets you blushing and teary-eyed. This MILF might be sweet and sexy, but when you cross the lines I draw for you, there is no telling just how far I will go to restore order under my roof! Sometimes I will reach between your legs and take the tip of that little dick between my fingers and give it a good hard pinch! Sometimes this makes you cry, and today, I hope to accomplish just that! When I have tortured your little cock for long enough and begin to notice that despite the pain and the verbal humiliation, that little thing is trying to get hard! I can hardly believe it, watching it twitch and tremble… Enough of that! I grab your personal chastity device and get that pathetic thing locked up good and tight! No cummies for you today, sissy bitch! You had better keep that dick locked up or else next time I will make it even worse for you!
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