Watch me dance

October 21, 2012
Sissy Punishment
November 3, 2012
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Watch me dance

I know you watch me dance, I can smell your cologne when you walk in the club.You look up at the stage, I am already into my dance, My gorgeous breasts bounce as I move my legs encased in dark fishnets making my skin shine under these lights.

You are so turned on just staring at me dancing it makes you upset that all the other horny, sweaty guys are watching me. You don’t do anything about it though you know showing me later how you feel will be that much sweeter.

I finish and bend to pick up the singles and double digit bills that men have showered me with,under the lights of the club the glitter covering me makes me look like I was born from star dust making me even more eye catching.

As soon as you see me come off stage you walk up to me and tell me how much you enjoy my dances & that you would love to have private one.

I let you know all private dances are arranged through the club manager they let me know that I have one scheduled. You look at me and smile replying you have made an appointment for one it is to take place in the club managers private office.

This is interesting I follow you unsure just what is in store for me.

We go up the steps & he closes the door behind us.

There is neon lights and very lurid music playing, he stands at the far end of the room and says “Dance baby.” So I pull my silver robe off & let the music take me.

I close my eyes for a second at most when I open them he is behind me his hands are all over me in my panties fingering my wet clit, his other hand is groping my breast’s.

He starts to pull me down to the couch with him full of thrilling excitement I feel him rip away my panties & take his pants down then before I can even breathe his strong hand grips my hip and he is shoving one large fully hard cock inside my hot,wet pussy.

One helluva private dance.” he whispered in my ear as he plundered my pussy even harder.

Slick wet,kisses,

Creamy Crissy



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