Her Body
August 24, 2008
naughty son-in-law part 3
August 27, 2008

My name is Isabella and I am a 18 years old. I started college this past fall
and it’s my first time away from home. I don’t know why I enjoy phonesex so much, but I am obsessed with it! It could be because of what happened to me when I was younger. See, when my parents would go out of town my older brother would be in charge of me. He used to come in my bedroom late at night and crawl in my bed with me. He would take his hand and cover my mouth and threaten me if I said a word. He said that if I told my parents what he did to me he would do bad things to me so I didn’t say anything! He would take his hand and cover my mouth and rip my panties off of me. He would shove his fingers deep in my pussy and till’ the pussy juice would run down my legs. He also would take his cock out of his pants and make me lick it. He was always hard and the tip of his cock would just touch my lips and it would explode, shooting cum all over my face. He’d then force me to lick it all up. And still, after all of this, he would turn me over on my stomach and squeeze his cock up my ass! At first I didn’t like it but the day he slid his cock in my pussy and
popped my cherry I got addicted! I would wait for him to come in my room
…my pussy would ache for him …I would crave his hands touching me…the taste of his cum…he made me into a little slut! I would beg him to fuck me!! Now that I am away at college, I miss the nightly visits….and so he and I have our holiday visits…I am now the campus slut! I love to go to
the keg parties and take a couple guys into a room and let them have their
way with me! I especially love it when they fill up every hold in my
body….cum oozing everywhere! Give me a call! Let me be your little teen

Cum play with me 🙂

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