Tied up Tom

Forced Feminization with Mistress Jessica
October 18, 2020
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PantyBoi Gets Embarassed
November 10, 2020


What a shame, poor Tom woke up and he was tied to Dommy Mommy Scarlet’s bed, naked and spread eagled.  He was scared as all he remembered was drinking a glass of red wine the night before and he happened to doze of to sleep in bed.  When his blurry eyes settled he was able to recognize naked Mommy Scarlet walking over to him on the bed. He tried to form a few words but he was unable to do it.  Mommy Scarlet pumps her breasts so her creamy tits were full of milk.  She tilted his head a bit on the bed and then she squeezed her tit and sent a bunch of warn and creamy mommy milk into Tom’s mouth.  He was so dehydrated and exhausted so he sucked voraciously at Mommy’s tits and gagged a bit as he swallowed it down to satisfy his palate. “That’s a good little and baby” is what Mommy whispered into adult baby Tom’s ear.  Then Mommy Scarlet decided that it was time to check Tom’s temperature so she took a very long thermometer, lubed it up and inserted into Tom’s tight little virgin asshole.  He flinched as it entered his ass and he tensed up his toned ass cheeks.  Mommy Scarlet told him to relax and she rubbed his bottom for a few minutes then she replaced the thermometer with her finger.  She finger fucked him for a few minutes with one finger, then she made it two, three, four, then she made her hand into a fist and Tom was now loose enough to be fist fucked by Mommy.  He wiggled and tried to get away but the combination of pain and pleasure kept him moaning ang groaning so much.  Not to draw too much attention to this hot mommy and son sex, Mommy Scarlet decided to put a ball gag inside Tom’s mouth and fasten it to the back of his head.  Then without warning, Mommy Scarlet put on a strap on and started fucking Tom’s ass so rapidly that he lost control of his bowels and began passing gas and shitting all over the bed.  Then Mommy Scarlet grabbed his erect cock and jerked it so rapidly until he came all over her hand.  She collected the manly juices and removed the ball gag and made him lick his own cum off of her hand and he flinched because he did not like the taste.  Mommy Scarlet then went to the bathroom, washed her hands and brought back a washcloth to the bedroom to clean Tom up.  She untied him from the bed and moved him to the floor where a diaper pad laid and a diaper and had him put his bottom on the crinkly diaper.  She applied lotion over his marble sized balls and clitty cock, sprinkled some fluffy powder on him, fastened his diaper then put him in a onesie.  She then took him in her lap, put her tit in his mouth and she rocked him back and forth in her arms as she sung him a lullaby to her adult baby diaper lover and he fell asleep.



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