Diaper girl’s adventure

On his knees
October 1, 2013
October 28, 2013

I can just see it my diaper girl adventure’s in vivid color.
Walking into his house I notice all the pretty pink party dress’s hanging up and
I bet he want’s me to model one for him.

Come over here he tell’s me and I do a little hesitant as he is handling his peepeeso I am a little intimidated.
I walk over close to him and he tell’s me to bend over. I do and he pulls my pantie’s all
the way down, rub’s his hard little peepee all over my bare pussy and then he smack’s my pussy
softly. Get ready he say’s so I strip my pink top off and pull my skirt down.

He is standing behind me now and hand’s me a pink puffy sleeved dress and some knee high stockings
with bows. I slip the dress and stocking’s on and then he put’s my hair in pigtail’s.
You look just right he say’s and then he bend’s me over and get’s me on all four’s, pulls my dress up.
Then he slip’s a diaper on me then he pour’s milk all over me and pull’s the diaper aside and shove’s his cock into my silky pussy!

A few thrust’s and he let’s his cum fly all over my face and my pigtail’s.


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