Forced Feminization with Mistress Jessica

Glide Your Hard Cock Into My Pussy Hole
September 26, 2020
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Tied up Tom
November 8, 2020

Listen up my little sluts! I have been thinking about getting my hands on you like this all week, so I do not want to hear one single solitary word of back talk, do you understand me? I hope so, because I do not have time for games or any of you putting up a fight during our time together… Now I have something extra special planned for you this time, my pets… I think that once you come around to the idea, that you will learn to love your new lease on life! I even did some shopping in preparation for this very special session of ours. This is more than just play time, my sweets. This is a whole new life for you! Tonight, we are doing more than just playing dress up like we have on occasion in the past… Oh yes, tonight you are going to be feminized. I am sure that you have at least heard of the beautiful art of forced feminization. You may have even heard me gushing about it during our time together in the past. Either way, whether you do remember or not, you are going to have much more than just a little refresher course tonight. You will fully adopt this new lifestyle that we are going to build for you. No more masculine anything! You will shave your body to be perfectly smooth and hairless and devoid of any body or facial hair that would hint at your lost masculinity. Part of this form of pure and unbridled domination is that we are going to extremes and great lengths to show you just what a sissy bitch you are for me now. Whenever I see you standing in front of me, you had better always be dressed up girly and proper for your mistress… I will accept nothing less than complete and total obedience in this matter, and I take your transition from stud to sissy very seriously. If I hear or see that you are slacking or being lax on your duties and the expectations that I have set for you, then you will find that you have much more to worry about than making sure to get yourself dressed up pretty for your mistress each and every day. In no time at all, I am completely confident that you will realize just how sexy and freeing it is to be a little sissy bitch for your mistress. You are giving up even more of your control to me, and I know how much you love that. Bit by bit I will drain and take away every bit of control and freedom that you think that you have over yourself until you are truly nothing more than my little sissy play thing. You will keep your mouth shut unless I tell you to open it and suck cock!

Mistress Jessica
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