No Excuses

October 28, 2013
fingering my pussy
November 11, 2013
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No Excuses

I don’t and will not hear or listen to any feeble excuses you might want to voice for not showing up at the time you were instructed to do so.Get on your knees and start begging put the stocking over your head first then as you get down on those sorry knees of yours take one piece of clothing off as you make a crawl to me.By the time you reach the spot i have marked you will take this scarf and blindfold your eyes.

Then you will get on all fours just like the dog you are and then my slave you will take the punishment of a dog slave.Oh that’s right you will take it up that sissy cunt hole of yours i am going to make you into a pure sissy slut for not doing as you were instructed.Maybe the next time you will listen better.



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