Making it Red

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February 18, 2013
Strap-on & dirtysex
March 4, 2013
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Making it Red

tumblr_mfl5tm308i1rmxv6po1_1280He must have disobeyed his master because he now getting the spanking he so richly deserves hmm wonder what he did he just might even tell if i ask lol but then i would have to listen to his whiney ass crying because he got a good spanking making that ass a very bright red.

So i think i will sit here and just watch this show hopefully his master will contuinue with the punishments i could whisper in his master ear about the time i saw him in mall not dressed as i know his master would want hahahah oh then the punishments would contuinue and i could watch even longer than i had planned he does love a audience.



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