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November 26, 2012
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December 9, 2012
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I’m really really ticklish all over! Every time somebody even pretends to tickle me I start wiggling and giggling. Daddy knows how ticklish I am and sometimes he surprises me hehehe.

I spend lots of time cuddling with Daddy, it feels so nice and warm and safe. Sometimes though, when I’m sitting on Daddy’s lap all of a sudden he turns into a tickle monster! Daddy holds me tight and starts tickling my tummy. I start squealing and giggling and squirming all around, while he just keeps on going hehehe. He pulls up my shirt and tickles up under my arms and back down my sides. When I try to kick my legs, Daddy catches one and tickles under my knee then down to my feet.

Sometimes he tickles me so much I can’t even catch my breath and Daddy slows down for a little bit and I start to relax. That’s when Daddy goes for the best, most fun kind of tickling! He pulls open my diapy and starts tickling my sensitive little pussy lips! Mmm that’s the best ever, I start giggling more an then he pushes in and starts tickling my clitty! Ohmygosh!! It’s the best feeling when I can barely catch my breath from giggles and then Daddy tickles my clitty till I cum hehehe!!

If you like giggling and wiggling ABy girls, come have some tickling fun with me!!

Love, Lacy


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