Shoe fetish slut
July 6, 2012
Domme Victoria
July 17, 2012
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I look down and see that you are unfastening your pants i kinda like lick my lips thinking to myself oh i am going to get a really good fuck out of you since what i have seen of your body i liked.But dam your taking your cool sweet time are you not.Sure hope the wait is worth it  so i keep my eyes peeled on those pants as they start to slide down your legs dam you have underwear on too.I watch as you step out of the pants and lay them on the chair next to the closet door.Back to the rest that you still have on then you hook your fingers inside the underwear and down they go.My mouth falls open and i swear i do believe my jaw drops you have nothing between those legs it is such a tiny thing not sure what you would call it but not a penis for sure.And guess what that thing you called a penis is not going inside my pussy because dam it is so fucking tiny.I then got off the bed while i could and was laughing so hard i do believe i pissed on myself.So now run along while i make a few calls and find a real man that has a dick that can actually do me some good.



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