Naughty nympho’s

Smoking Slave
June 9, 2013
Latex Fetish
June 22, 2013

I have 2 very naughty nympho friend’s who love to pick up random people at bar’s.

The one is named Stacie she enjoys playing small penis humiliation game’s and the other is named Gabriela who enjoys strict punishment’s. It was last night that I decided to go out with my devious girls and see what all the fuss was about.

Gabi picked up right away on a skinny weak looking guy who was off in the corner watching all the action from far away. There was couples huddled in sweaty tangles all over the place in that dark bar. Stacie spied her prey staring at her perky tits and looking like he would go through serious pain just to smell her perfume. Stacie thought Oh and so he shall.

Stacie and Gabi snared their entertainment for the night and we slipped out of the lair of Lust. Once we got into the house Gabi took her guy into the living room and danced in front of him he was smiling till she stood beside him and bent him over the chair, saying softly

” You really want me I bet?” He looked up and nodded “Let’s see how bad you want me.” She spun him to face her &pulled his jeans off and his hard cock sprang out. “That is not a very nice thing to do exposing yourself in front of me, Naughty,Naughty!” She pulled a pink pair of wet panties out and started to slap his cock with them “Down Boy”she said playfully.

I smiled as I left them to the scantily clad scene, and went to watch Stacie and her fuckdoll they were in the kitchen he was quite drunk and nude from the waist down in plastic wrap with a small hole where his tiny penis flopped down. Stacie was in a waist corset and shiny

black stockings with her heel pressed against his little bitty peepee. “Look at how it hang’s to one side don’t you think its awfully tiny Crissy?” she said. I said ” Oh yes I could hang my key’s on it.” I laughed and started to snap the plastic wrap that adorned this unlucky stranger with my small whip. He yelped, with pain.

We will see just how long you will last.

My night with the girls was pretty wild and dirty, think I will do it again real soon.



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