Naughty ab sitter

December 23, 2012
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January 5, 2013
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Naughty ab sitter

Sharise was a naughty ab sitter, she liked to care for the twin adult babies that lived across the street when the parents away Sharise liked to play. First of all she was a very sexy 17 year old that knew how to show it all off. She walked into the house and the twins had to stop staring at her other wise they would try to hide the bulging in their diapers. Sharise had on a very short black frilly skirt with high cut panties and matching low cut top. The twins devised all kinds of ways to get the sitter to bounce or bend over. They were playing with blocks on the kitchen counter and all of a sudden a few of the blocks fell off and the sitter was quick to bend over and get them for them as she did they both got a full view of her big round luscious nipples. Making their mouth’s water. She knew she was radiating lusty energy.

She thought she could use it to her advantage, so she said if you two give me a real nice back rub then I will give both of you a real special treat. The twins got right to it rubbed her back for quite a while. After they were done she said “Oh you both did such a good job, would you like your treat?” The twins smiled and nodded. Sharise motioned for them to both sit next to her on the kitchen counter. She started to smile and said “better be nice, better think twice.” Slowly she unbuttoned her top , the twins eyes started to get bigger with every button, then her full breasts bounded out. She took the twins hands then put them on each tit causing shivers to go through her body as they fingered her nipples. She started to lay back on the counter and the twins lay on each side of her still playing with her nipples.

She started to pull their hands away from her tits and placed them on her inner thighs, guiding their hands up next to her panties. She pulled her panties down and the twins slipped down to the floor. She spread her creamy thighs nice and wide so her pussy was on display one twin crawled onto the counter and pulled his thick cock out of his diaper and slipped inside of her thrusting harder harder til he exploded and moaned. He got off the counter and the other twin started to caress and lick her pussy. Sharise’s legs started moving as she felt her juices starting to flow from her warm,wet pussy into the twin’s hungry lips.

She looked up and said “Do it again this time both of you please your sitter’s pussy!”

The twins aimed to do just that.
wet kisses


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