Foot fetish

Sneaky Lacy
January 28, 2013
Milky Milky
February 4, 2013
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Foot fetish

Z. had a foot fetish he would get hard even

thinking about a gorgeous pair of ladies feet in

silk stockings or black leather heels.

I had a real surprise planned for him he came home so

exhausted from his day as soon as he caught a glimpse of me

in my sheer nightie & matching thigh highs

he grabbed me and lifted me on to the kitchen table

splaying his fingertips up to my thigh

and rubbing all the way down to my ankle.

He traced the length of my toes kissing each one then

started to lick my feet after this he started to make his way up my thigh.

I could feel his hard cock pushing against his pants

so I unzipped them and it sprang free like an animal

being released from its cage. Horny as ever

he pulled me off the table on to

the big rug then he lay there as he positioned feet

around his throbbing cock making a stocking clad

pussy shape with my arches, he had me stroke his cock till

he covered my stocking’s with his juices!



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