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February 1, 2013
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February 10, 2013

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ABies can be nasty naughty little things. Always trying to put their hands down their diapers and tugging on their weewees until they’re sticking out and then getting them to squirt all over the inside of their dirty diapers. Filthy little ABies! When I’m babysitting I’m very strict about exactly what kind of fun my adult babies are allowed to have.
Any little bit of misbehavior and there is absolutely no special fun allowed for my bad ABies. Of course, I know adult babies who aren’t allowed to play with themselves, or with their hot and teasing sitters, still need to get all that sticky messy cum out. So what I have to do is milk their dirty little weewees. I set them up on their changing mat and put on a latex glove before I open up their diaper to see their pathetic little weewee. Milking is a very laborious process. You have to get a firm grip at the base, then squeeze and roll upwards till you reach the shiny pink head. Once you’ve got your rhythm down you feel it become easier, pulling and stretching while your naughty ABy lies there confused and crying. Soon enough the tip begins to ooze, slowly at first, then more steadily as it drips all over my gloved hand.
It’s important to get every last little drop out when you’re milking ABies. Otherwise you might catch them, hand down their diapering huffing and puffing while they tug on themselves hehehe. Nasty little things!
xoxo Samantha

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