A different take on Domination and Feminism

January 21, 2013
Sneaky Lacy
January 28, 2013

I had a caller the other day who had a very interesting kink/fetish. When you first hear the words you may be thinking of something a bit different. But read what I have to say, all of it, before you judge and let it sink in a bit.

Abortion Erotica

Yes, you read that right. Once he started to explain the ins and outs of this fetish and the basis. I totally got it. Being a dominant woman, there is something that definitely appealed to me.

It is not what you are probably thinking. It is based on the fact that strong women are in control of their bodies. And that dominant women can use this as a form of birth control, no matter what the man in her life thinks about it. He has no say so.

It is not really about the abortion itself. More the fact that we have that option and will exercise it as we see fit. No matter what you or any other man thinks about it.

So what do you think? As a form of domination and threat to the weaker sex of men? I am interested to hear the other ladies weigh as well the men (dominant or submissive).

M. Josie
[email protected]


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