You broke your crib!

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August 3, 2016
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October 9, 2016
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You broke your crib!

Enema Punishment phone sex

How could you possibly think it’s ok to jump on the crib!? I know it’s fun but just because you get joy out of it doesn’t mean it’s ok to do! You are in so much trouble! Go to the play room and sit in the corner while I call your father. We will just have to get you a new ABDL crib and I don’t think he will be too happy about it. I know he’s going to make me punish you since he’s away on business and I know just the punishment for you. Bad little boys deserve to be punished. Remember that for the next time you want to be a little brat. Your father says you need to be severly punished. I have to show you how much of his ass he’s worked off for you to have a nice room and house. Pulling out my nurse bag from the closet. You shake your head vigorously and try to run but I’ve locked the door behind me and there’s no where you can run to. You will get this enema punishment. Call ABDL mommy now for your punishment.



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