I have An Idea !

You broke your crib!
August 24, 2016
Live Laugh And Fuck!
October 9, 2016


Well now that we’re alone I think get passed the whole shyness and just start telling each other what we like. First I am in to watersports fetish and scat and I love to push a guy’s face right into my ass and just let out the biggest fart for him to breath like oxygen. I get so wet about the thought of a man smelling my farts. Oh You like all of that too? I know you did. Now why don’t you come over here and get on your knees so I can let one loose right on your face. Then I am going to climb on top of your chest and pee and you can feel the very warm and nice stream hitting your chest. I hear you moaning in as its hitting you. I reach back and feel your huge cock getting harder and more stiff.I know what I want you to do I want you to fuck my tight little ass and then I want you to give me an enema so we have a huge mess to clean up if you know what I am saying! Call me for some extreme fetish phone sex



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