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November 8, 2020

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Will had known when he first started to ‘borrow’ his aunt’s panties that it was bound to get him trouble. Maybe if he had stopped with just one or two, maybe she wouldn’t have noticed a few missing.  He even spread his panty grabs out, one every month or so, and that would have been fine… but then he started to go through her friend’s things whenever she took him with her.  He would say he had to go to the bathroom, then find his way into their bedrooms, carefully going through their panty drawers to find some that got his attention. He’d thought he kept his panty fetish fairly in line, hadn’t taken any every time they went to someone’s house…. But now that he was standing, shaking, in front of everyone he’d stolen from with all the panties he’d taken layered on him so thick that they bulged out by nearly an inch, he knew he shouldn’t have ever started! The humiliation had him blushing so hard he felt dizzy, but that might have also been because of how incredibly hard he was inside his stolen panties, with his Aunt and all her friends watching and laughing at him. He was on the verge of running when she crooked her finger at him, motioning him to come to her….

Will shuffled over to stand in front of his aunt, blushing in humiliation while all her friends watched. He could feel how odd he was moving, the panties so thick between his thighs he couldn’t walk right, all those eyes making his embarrassment burn across his cheeks. The shock of her palm pressing against the front of his stolen panties made it so much worse, his body jolting as his blush spread down his neck and chest. He was hot and burning, so worked up, confused and awkwardly turned on that he didn’t have a chance of stopping Aunt Suzy when she pulled him down onto her lap, her firm breasts pressed against his back. Before he knew she had his legs draped over hers, her knees pushing against the inside of his until his thighs were spread so far apart that his back arched up a little, his hips tilting up. She grabbed his hands to place them on top of the panties, held them there while she whispered in his ear.

“Show everyone how much you love the panties you stole from them. Show them just how dirty you are, Will.” Aunt Suzy moved her hands then, but he kept his right there. He wanted to say no, he should say no… but then she moved her legs, jostled him just enough for his hands to rub down against the panties and the tiniest filthy moan came out of him. “Good boy,” she whispered, her warm breath sliding against his ear, and his hands started moving, dragging against his cock through the panties, already hard and leaking. The domination she had over him right then, the humiliation of all her friends watching while he touched himself, the feel of the panties sliding against him, everything drew up hot and tight underneath his skin; before he even had a chance to slow down, an orgasm slammed into him, his entire jerking in spasms while Aunt Suzy wrapped her arms around him tight to keep him in place. When he was done twitching, she patted the front of the panties, making him groan and try to twist his hips away, it was too sensitive!

“We will definitely have to do this again, dear, it was so entertaining!” Aunt Suzy looked at all her friends while she said that; Will didn’t think he could take anymore! Do you think you could? Call me for some milf phone sex, so we can find out just what you could take.

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