Stinky Diaper Changes With Crissy

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May 8, 2017
Pantyhose Fetish Phone Sex!
July 17, 2017

What’s that stinky smell in that adult baby phone sex diaper? Pee yew little abdl phone sex boy you sure do stink! What’s that? You made a messy in your diaper? That’s why it stinks so much? You should of just told mommy you made a messy in your diaper! You’re so stinky let’s get you out of that messy adult diaper and into a fresh new dry one. It will feel so much better to be in a fresh dry pamper than a messy and wet one! Plus if you stay in that poopy adult diaper for too long you’ll end up getting a big ol diaper rash and we don’t want that for adult baby do we? So let’s get you up on that changing table and get those legs in the air because mommy is about to give you an adult baby phone sex diaper change!



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